“Startup Harrisburg” offers midstaters coworking space

Forget noisy coffee shops and lonely home offices: two kings of a new concept have built a modern business castle in Midtown Harrisburg.

Wooden floors contrast light gray walls decorated with local art—a space with class. But it is here that two guys named Adam brought to life a brainchild that could break the business mold.

Adam Brackbill and Adam Porter partnered to form Startup Harrisburg. Basically, they offer a co-working office space for anyone who needs one.

“What this does is enable people to have a place to come in and just work in a nice atmosphere,” said Brackbill.

For a monthly membership freelancers, entrepreneurs and at-home workers can escape daily distractions and come to a quiet North Third Street office to focus.

Narrated by a woman's voice, Startup's website shows a video that explains how this concept goes further.

“Coworking spaces offer more than just shared offices and good coffee. These collaborative communities provide something special…connectedness.”

Adam Porter said the goal is to be “a hub for ideas.”

One night in a bar Porter and Brackbill started brainstorming. Like most brilliant ideas, their business model was penned on a cocktail napkin.

Porter explained their vision is to have people in their respective trades bounce ideas off each other.

“Hey, we could do that, this could happen, why don't we have this?” mimicked Porter. “That's how this place actually started. Why hasn't someone done this yet?”

Startup Harrisburg offers all the office amenities minus the out-of-pocket costs. Electricity, Wi-Fi, printers, copiers, paper, staples and use of a professional conference room are all included in the monthly fee.

Porter explained this space sheds home office loneliness, not to mention a professional space for business. According to him, business is still best in person.

“The handshake is still thousands of years old, but that's how things get done,” he said.

Brackbill added, “Who likes to shout over espresso machines anyway, right?”

Both Brackbill and Porter see a room with a greater view. In order to help Harrisburg climb out of financial despair, the local economy must flourish. In order for small businesses to grow, productivity must be accomplished. Startup Harrisburg believes they can help achieve improvement.

“Thirty to forty folks or so will be able to have 1519 North Third Street as their address, and they'll be able to say with pride, 'I established my business in Midtown Harrisburg,'” said Porter. “Because I think it's a cool place to be.”

For more information, check out their site: http://startuphbg.com/.

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