What’s Your Latte-ality?

We all love lattes, but have you ever wondered what your go-to flavor might say about you? Ahhh…the lattes we drink can be quite telling. Grab your favorite latte and keep sipping till the end, to find your own latte-ality.

Classic Latte

Nothing beats the original and you know it. You stick to what you know; your strong will keeps you on a path to success.


You enjoy the finer things in life. If it isn't rich with flavor, it isn't for you. You're the stylish one of the group and always educate your friends on the latest trends.

Herbal Tea Latte

You are confident in yourself and you're not afraid to speak your mind. You like to keep things simple, but always think outside the box.

Caramel Latte

You like to spice things up and have a good time. It's only a party when you arrive with your loving-life vibe. You crave excitement.

Iced Latte

You're the cool, laid-back one of the group. You know how to enjoy yourself, whether you're kicking back and relaxing, or taking the time to take in your surroundings.

Coffee-Free Latte

You love fun and brighten up any room you walk into. Whether you're a pint sized kiddo who can't wait to grow up, or a fun loving adult who doesn't see why you have to, this latte is a morning staple. If you live wild and fancy free, then a coffee-free latte is for you. Want to give it a try? Microwave some chocolate milk then top with frothed milk. Voila!

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