Teens charged in Mount Joy playground arson

Police have filed arson and related charges against a pair of Lancaster County teens who were severely burned in a playground fire in Mount Joy last year.

Eighteen-year-old Angelo Zeno and a 17-year-old, both of Maytown, were each charged with three counts of arson, criminal conspiracy, causing or risking a catastrophe, institutional vandalism, and criminal mischief for the September 28 fire at the Joyland Fun Fort in Kunkle Park, according to Mount Joy police.

Police said the teens doused the wooden structure with gasoline and set it on fire, damaging the fun fort beyond repair and causing more than $114,000 in damage.

According to charging documents, Zeno admitted that he and the 17-year-old stole gasoline and tools from a utility shed at the nearby Camp Hill Cemetery and poured the gas on the fun fort.

Zeno, who was initially trapped inside the tower of the playground structure after it exploded in flames, suffered extreme burns about his body. His alleged accomplice had burns on his face and hands.

Both were hospitalized for treatment of their injuries.

As for the playground, it was demolished in November. The borough is
hoping to put a bigger, better structure in its place but they are still
in the planning and fund raising stages.

Neighbors were sad the see the beloved playground go but are hopeful the rebuild will take place soon.

they put in something new that will give us the chance to be here. Its
not right having a field to just walk up to,” Mount Joy native Patrick
Miller said.

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