Scam targets Franklin County businesses

A letter that attempts to collect money from businesses for a high school sports advertisement is a scam, according to state police in Franklin County.

Investigators said a company by the name of Sports Media from Milford, Conn. is sending fake invoices to local businesses, instructing them to send money for an outstanding balance of $99.50 for advertising in the Chambersburg High School winter sports poster.

State police said there are several red flags with the requests. First, the name of the high school is Chambersburg Area Senior High School, not Chambersburg High School as written in the letter. Second, according to the school district, no such sports poster exists.

Also, the company lists it's address as Milford, Conn. on the letter head, but the envelope shows it was sent from Las Vegas.

State police said Sports Media is not a legitimate company and has been sending similar scams to businesses in other states. They said they have been in touch with other police departments that are investigating the scam.

“They are playing on somebody's conscience that might think it would be good to help the school,” Trooper David Rush said.

Rush said a local business that received the letter got about eight or nine different invoices from Sports Media. He warned people not to fall for the letters, saying often scammers will make many efforts to get money.

“If they can get a couple people to send them money, then it's worth their effort and printing and mailings and that's how they continue with their success,” Rush said.

If you get a letter claiming to be from the school, school officials said you can call them to verify if it is real. However, they said they do not have such mailings.

State police said those who receive the letter should simply throw it away.

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