Love stinks when it’s mating season for skunks

It seems like we all start looking for love when the weather gets a bit warmer. Of course, I'm referring to only those of us who are single like Pepe Le Pew, who these days would be guilty of sexual harassment and poor hygiene at the very least. Anyway, it is still winter, but animals don't look at the calendar.

And the skunks are not just looking for a mate, they're also looking for

When you get a mild night overnight, where it drops to just the forties, mid-forties, they come out of the woodwork,” said Rob Wilbur, owner of Wilbur Wildlife Control Service.

If you have an
unwanted varmint holing up around your house and you want him or her
removed, you call Rob. He is nature's bouncer. Rob says last year's mild
winter and early spring made it a fertile year for skunks and a very
profitable year for him.

“Some of the skunks actually have two litters, so that makes for a busy year,” Wilbur said.

Actually, Wilbur says a lot of animals come out of hiding when the
weather takes a turn for the milder. So why does it seem like the only
critters that end up napping near the double yellow line are those
cute but stinky little fellows?

“There's not a lot that
spooks them,” Wilbur said. “Another thing too is, you've got your salt on the
road, which attracts all types of wildlife, and a lot of your animals
are quick to get out of the way, where they're not.”

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