Customers flock flower stand on Valentine’s Day

On this Valentine's Day, one man in Harrisburg is popular than most — guys have been swarming to him all day.

The rush for roses is on! A line at 3rd and Walnut Street in Harrisburg has been growing like weeds all day.

“I'm buying a dozen roses for my girlfriend and a half dozen for her daughter,” said Roland Walker of Harrisburg

Hari Chakra's been selling flowers here for 8 years.

“You come up, give me your budget, how much you want to spend, and I put it together [a bouquet] for you,” Chakra said.

On a normal day, he brings about 400 roses. Today he has 10,000!

“It's a Harrisburg traditional thing for a man to be out here taking care of their women, buying flowers, and doing what they're supposed to do,” said Daniel Drummer of Carlisle.

But Chakra says he's also here for another reason: “One thing we do here: if you're in trouble come see us. We will get you out of the doghouse, there's a guarantee on that.”

Not even the chill in the air can dampen his spirit.

“Someone just asked me, 'Don't I feel cold?” he said. “My hands are in water, if I see $20 bills how can I feel cold?”

Turns out one of the lone women in this line was here for someone else.

“I had to convince these guys to buy flowers for their wives today,” said Jocelyn Sims-Bowles-Lee. But she doesn't mind picking them up for others, she knows her man will have flowers for her. “My husband's trained,” she said.

Hari's also trained — in making sure everything comes up roses.

While it has been a long and very busy day for Chakra, he'll be right back here tomorrow for all those men who forgot that today is Valentine's Day.

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