Carlisle looks to replace parking meters

Carlisle officials are looking at replacing 800 parking meters in the borough, saying they are finding it more and more difficult to find replacement parts for the aging devices.

The borough is working with the Downtown Carlisle Association to look at possible solutions. Money collected at the parking meters helps fund Downtown Carlisle Association events and parking improvements.

Kristen Trautman, co-owner of K. Marie & Company, has been in business in downtown Carlisle for almost two years.

“I love the feel in the downtown, and we can cross promote with so many other businesses. We love being downtown,” said Trautman.

Trautman is also a member of the Downtown Carlisle Association, serving as the group's secretary. She says they have been discussing several ideas on how to improve parking in the borough.

“We have talked about putting in a kiosk, where people would park and then go pay at the kiosk. We have also talked about smart meters, where you can pay with a credit card or use your smart phone,” said Trautman.

The borough is only in the beginning stages of working on a plan to replace the parking meters, which will be done in phases.

The public is invited to give their input at a public meeting Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. at the Carlisle Borough Hall.

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