Former Army colonel offers insight into mind of Calif. murder suspect

A retired colonel at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle spoke with abc27 about the California manhunt for an ex-police officer wanted for killing another officer and two others.

Col. Jeff McCausland offered insight into the mind of Christopher Dorner and told us what Dorner could be capable of.

“We need to consider that Dorner is really a terrorist,” McCausland said. “The first goal of a terrorist executing his mission with unconventional asymmetric tactics is to terrorize, and he's doing a pretty good job. Second thing of course is to embarrass the LAPD, that seems to be apparent. And finally, this is a war of revenge and he's attempting to wreak revenge on his enemy, an enemy he knows very well.”

In a manifesto posted on the internet, Dorner vowed harm to police officers and their families using his military training.

After finding the burned wreckage of Dorner's truck, police are now searching a mountain setting about two hours east of Los Angeles in hopes of finding the suspect.

He is considered heavily armed and extremely dangerous.

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