Harrisburg controller signs off on sale of artifacts

Harrisburg City Controller Dan Miller has signed the contract to auction off the city's artifact collection.

Miller had previously refused to sign the contract but did so today after Commonwealth Court ruled in favor of an appeal by Mayor Linda Thompson to require him to do so.

The items are now set to be auctioned off by Guernsey's Auctioneer & Broker, which will charge an 18 percent commission rate for the sale of the items. The debate between Miller and Thompson ensued after Harrisburg City Council approved the sale and selected an auctioneer to facilitate the sale.

Thompson and Miller disagreed over whether commissions to the auction
house from selling former Mayor Steve Reed's failed Wild West artifacts would dip into Harrisburg treasury. Thompson said no and Miller said yes.

The two took their argument to Commonwealth Court last month and it took Judge Colins nine days to rule. 

“Miller's long overdue signature will finally allow the city to move forward with the auction of the western artifacts.  The proceeds of the auction represent revenues that the City desperately needs to pay down debt issued by the City in 2007,” according to a press release from the city of Harrisburg. “These revenues will assist in substantially defraying taxpayer revenues that otherwise would have been used to eliminate the debt.”

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