Harrisburg company gearing up for ‘Spot Bowl’

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The team inside Pavone is warming up for game day.

“People start rolling in here early afternoon, get set up, then it all begins,” said Company President and CEO, Michael Pavone.

He isn't talking chips and dip.

For ten years the Harrisburg agency has led the nation in gauging how the public responds to Super Bowl ads. They do so through their site SpotBowl.com.

The past two years Volkswagen has won,” he said, adding that, “they have a controversial ad out right now.”

The clip shows an office environment where everyone is speaking with an island accent. it's a scenario that some have called racist. Fortunately, the Jamaican government has given the car company their blessing.

That spot is one of about 60 that viewers will be able to rate, come Sunday.

If people laugh but they don't remember the product the next DA, well then you've just wasted your money,” said Senior Public Relations Strategist, David Schoffner.  

A 30-second spot will run a brand a cool 3.8 million dollars.  

Budweiser has a new Clydesdale spot that I think has a really good chance of winning,” said Pavone.

But 'Landslide' victories are rare in the Spot Bowl, he says, “It's about letting everyone have their say, and that makes it a lot of fun.”

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