Swatara police to increase school patrols

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Swatara Township Police are going to be ramping up their patrols of area schools.

“In light of increased acts of violence perpetrated against innocent
lives at schools across our country, the Swatara Township Police
Department has initiated an increased presence at local educational
facilities,” the department wrote in a press release Thursday.

The Dauphin County police force announced a new “Operation School Guardian” initiative in which officers will perform regular, frequent and unannounced foot patrols of township schools.

Officers may also visit schools during lunchtime to interact with students and staff.

Swatara Township Police say Operation School Guardian will also pair up with the district's T.E.A.M. program (which replaced D.A.R.E.), which assigns one patrol officer to each school.

“Ultimately, it is the goal of the Swatara Township Police Department to utilize Operation School Guardian to proactively interact with students and staff at each of our schools, and to greatly lower the risk for violence at these locations,” they wrote.

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