Water advisory to continue for Mechanicsburg area

The Department of Environmental Protection says the Boil Water Advisory for United Water customers in Cumberland County has been pushed back to Saturday morning.

“United Water was not done with their corrective actions they needed to do quiet yet, and they can not take a water sample until those corrective actions are done, so that is what created the delay,” said Lisa Kasianowitz, DEP spokeswoman.

 The company has said the water treatment plant was unable
to maintain adequate chlorine disinfection and, as a result, there is an
increased chance the water may contain disease-causing organisms.

DEP says water samples at 10 different locations in the United Water system were taken at 10:00 a.m. Thursday to test for bacteria. A second sample will be taken Friday. It takes 24 hours for results.

“If both of those samples show that there is no chloroform bacteria in the water and that there is an adequate amount of chlorine, then the boil water advisory will probably be lifted Saturday,” said Kasianowitz.

the advisory is lifted, customers should use bottled water
or boil their tap water for one minute before using it for drinking,
making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and food preparation.

The Giant on Cumberland Parkway in Mechanicsburg has been calling in special orders to keep up with the demand for bottled water.

“Yesterday I received about 8 to 10 pallets of water, and this morning I received another 15 pallets of water,” said Terry Alfrey, store manager. “A lot of customers are coming in and buying 6 packs, 12 packs, and a lot of gallons. I say over the last few days we have sold 3 to 4 thousand gallons of water.”

DEP says the results of the first test should be back sometime Friday, then a second sample will be taken.

“If those samples come back with bacteria present then the boil water advisory would be pushed back more,” said Kasianowitz. “United Water would then have to do the corrective actions again. This has to be done according to regulations.”

The following areas are under the boil water advisory:

United Water customers in  the borough of Mechanicsburg, and portions of Hampden Township, Silver Spring Township, Monroe Township, Monaghan Township, Lower Allen Township, and Upper Allen Township. United Water customers in Center Square and Grantham, including Messiah
College, are not affected by the advisory because they are served by
another water system.

Pennsylvania American Water Company customers who live in those area are not under a boil water advisory. Only United Water customers are affected.

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