Thief fled store with duffel bag of meat, police say

A York man was arrested after he fled a grocery store with a duffel bag full of meat, knocked down a customer, and led a responding officer on a foot chase into rush hour traffic, according to police.

Luis Soto-Rivera, 38, faces charges of robbery, retail theft and flight to avoid apprehension.

West York police said Sota-Rivera on Thursday evening had been seen hiding meat items in the bag when he was confronted at the exit, where he violently shoved to the floor a woman who was blocking his path.

He then ran across the parking lot of the Giant food store at 1200 West Market Street and was spotted by the officer in the first block of
Richland Avenue. He ignored orders to stop and was pursued on foot across several lanes of traffic
before he was tackled in the 900 block
of West King Street in York, police said.

He later admitted to stealing the meat and to shoving the customer. He told investigators he is addicted to heroin and planned to sell the meat for money to buy more heroin, police said.

Police said his duffel bag had $160 worth of store merchandise, including seven packages of pork products and two packages of cold medicine.

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