Police: Warming cars easy target for thieves

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Police in the Harrisburg area have been seeing car thefts rising since temperatures started dropping.

According to the Pennsylvania Auto Theft Prevention Authority, police departments in Harrisburg, Paxtang, Penbrook, and Susquehanna Township have reported an increase in stolen cars that were left unattended at convenience stores or warming up in driveways.

Approximately 20 cars in the area have been stolen within the last two weeks. So far, only about four of those vehicles have been recovered, according to ATPA statistics.

Penbrook Police Chief David Hiester said while drivers are staying warm in their homes or buying a cup of coffee, thieves are on the lookout – especially during the early morning hours when they can easily spot a running car's headlights and exhaust.

Police pointed out that it's against the law to leave a car running and unattended, so drivers who have their cars stolen could also face a fine.

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