DA: Williamstown murder case ‘bizarre’

Bizarre is the word Dauphin County's district attorney used to describe a strange murder case in Williamstown.

District Attorney Ed Marsico said a woman's emotional story about self-defense turned out to be a story of sex, greed and murder.

Swarmed by police and investigators, Gina Murphy's home on East Market Street had the tiny town buzzing last August. Word of her escape from her angry ex-husband, Daniel Joseph Murphy, spread rapidly.

One woman told abc27, “that was a shock too because like I said, I never see them. They go to work, they do what they had to do.”

Even more shocking is a grand jury's finding that Gina Murphy's story was allegedly false. On Thursday, police charged her with murdering Daniel Murphy.

Ed Marsico and First Assistant District Attorney Fran Chardo held a press conference Friday to announce charges.

Marsico described the case as a “little different … [a] little bizarre.”

“It's a different type of case where you had someone pretending they acted in self-defense,” Marsico said. “That's a sophisticated criminal.”

Chardo explained that the grand jury report alleged Gina Murphy's motive was to eliminate the one person who stood between her becoming a homeowner with a particular lifestyle.

“Mrs. Murphy had been having long sexual relations with a number of men in this community,” said Chardo. “And, that may have been the catalyst for the final fatal encounter.”

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