Pa. National Guard to support presidential inauguration

There was another deployment Friday at Fort Indiantown Gap. The soldiers may have left, but they didn't go far and will be back soon.

The Pennsylvania National Guard is on one of its biggest missions as of late. Their mission is not war. Instead, they will help keep the peace at the Presidential Inauguration.

It was your typical military deployment. There are no tears, no heartfelt goodbyes, just excitement. Soldiers and airmen will stand guard at the presidential inauguration.

“We're gonna do a lot of different missions such as crowd management, traffic control, security. Things like that,” said Sgt. Matt Jones.

Some 1,300 military members left for a mission that has been done for more than 200 years.

“To go down and be part of this historic ceremony is something we've done every four years since the 1700's with George Washington. It's an honor for us individually and also as an organization,” said Jones.

Some soldiers and airmen have gotten the marching orders before. Others embarked on their first mission of this magnitude.

“It's a big honor for me,” said Jones.

A group known for defending our country overseas will do the same here at home.

“This is what the National Guard is really for,” said Jones. “We've gone to war over the past ten years but these kind of missions here at home is what we're really about.”

The members will join about 6,000 other men and women in uniform to make sure the inauguration runs smoothly.

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