Residents speak out against proposed Chipotle on Chocolate Ave.

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Some people in Hershey maintain there's no place for a fast food restaurant in their historic downtown area.

Chipotle wants to move onto Chocolate Avenue, but many don't think it's a good fit. Those on both sides of the issue had the chance to weigh in at a meeting last night.

“Pretty much against it,” resident Kevin Feldenzer said. “I would pretty much like to preserve the downtown area for what it is. Traffic is already horrendous. I work for the Hershey Company and I understand how it is to go two blocks from one end of town to the other.”

Chipotle's representative said their product is not fast food, but “fast casual.” They said the restaurants that usually follow them into communities include Starbucks and Panera Bread, not Taco Bell and McDonald's.

No decision was made at Wednesday's meeting.

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