Parents speak out against plan to close school

This might be a tough lesson in subtraction for those in the West Shore School District. School officials are looking into closing one of the district's four middle schools. No final decision has been made and the district asked parents to help by sharing their thoughts during a public hearing.

The meeting was held at Cedar Cliff High School Wednesday night. There was a good turnout from parents and teachers alike. Many took the opportunity to speak out against the proposal. One student even took to the mic to voice his concern.

“I feel that would be bad for me because I would have to make new friends,” 6th grader Anthony Kinnard-Snyder said.

The proposal recommends closing either Lemoyne Middle School or New Cumberland Middle School. The move would require redistricting. Students would be sent to Allen and Crossroads Middle Schools.

Before the board makes a decision they are considering several factors like school capacity, potential class size and new bus routes.

Some of the money the district would save by making this move would be in teacher and staff cuts.

The West Shore School Board is expected to make a decision by April.


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