Cumberland County DUI blood testing process a success

Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed says testing blood samples in DUI cases is a more efficient way to do business.

The county began doing so in 2010.

DUI'S make up about one-third of all criminal court cases in Cumberland County, and Freed says the results create a stronger case for the prosecution.

The majority of DUI'S take place during weekends, and the county has a phlebotomist drawing blood at the central booking center. The sample is sent to the county lab on High Street in Carlisle.

Freed says drawing blood gives law enforcement a better opportunity to remove more impaired drivers from the roads.

“One of the exploding areas for us is the abuse of prescription drugs” says Freed. “We see a lot of combinations of legal and illegal drugs in people's system.”

Freed says blood testing in the county keeps costs down, including having to pay for out-of-town witnesses to testify about the validity of the testing procedures.

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