11 injured in school bus crash near East Berlin

Eleven people were injured in a crash Friday afternoon involving a Bermudian Springs High School bus and a pickup truck near East Berlin, Adams County.

Emergency responders told abc27 News the pickup driver lost control on a wet roadway and crashed head-on into the bus, causing it to overturn onto its roof just after 3 p.m.

Officials said 33 students were on the bus. Ten were taken to hospitals for treatment of minor injuries such as cuts and bruises, but none was seriously hurt.

The driver of the pickup truck appeared to have the most serious injuries, but none were believed to be life threatening, according to an official on the scene, who added that the worst injury to a student was a cut on the head.

Kyle Brown, a Bermudian Springs junior who was on the bus, said the students were panicked and screaming.

“I have no idea how no one was seriously injured,” Brown said. “Miracle, is all I can say.”

The crash occurred on Route 94, known locally as Carlisle Pike, at the intersection of Round Hill Road in Reading Township.

Police said charges are pending against the driver of the pickup because the truck tires were bald and he failed to operate the vehicle at a safe speed.

“It was a bad accident,” said Officer William Ceravola of the Reading Township Police Department. “Thirty-three children on the bus, no seatbelts, and it's on its roof. It could have been much worse.”

Carlisle Pike was closed between East Berlin Road and Lake Meade Road.

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