Some sinkhole evacuees now burglary victims

The headaches continue on North 4th Street in Harrisburg. On Tuesday, some of the nearly 30 people who were forced to leave because of a massive sinkhole were allowed to come home and found items missing.

Sherri Lewis said she was happy to return to her home after living in a hotel for over a week. However, when Lewis got home she noticed her back door was kicked in and items like phones and an air mattress were missing.

“This is just crazy,”Lewis said.

Someone, she said, left her house a wreck. Lewis even found items in her house that weren't there before like lottery tickets and garbage.

Lewis said she is not alone and others had their homes burglarized, too. Her neighbor, Tiffany Murray, shared a similar story.

“The back door was kicked in, TV is gone, computers gone, all the kids clothes,” Murray said of her Wednesday return.

Both women said they thought their homes were protected by Harrisburg police while they were displaced.

Harrisburg police said multiple burglaries were reported.

“We cannot check on everyone's home, every hour,” one police spokesperson said.

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