Harrisburg officials back Mayor Thompson’s debt claims

The financial situation in Harrisburg appears to be improving.

City officials are backing up some optimistic claims made by Mayor Linda Thompson, who said on Monday that the incinerator's huge debt will be wiped out by the end of the year, once its sale goes through and the city's parking garages are leased.

The mayor said other factors will help erase other city debt as well.

Council President Wanda Williams said that everything is starting to work out for the city.that

“We're finally getting able to negotiate with creditors and our advisor is working with the advisory committee,” she said. “He also is working with the Commonwealth and we're trying to put things in place.”

The mayor's assertions were even backed up by Councilman Brad Koplinski, who many believe will run against her in the next mayoral election.

“The incinerator debt of $215 million or $220 million, that would be able to be paid off most likely with revenues from the sale of the incinerator and the lease of the parking garages,” Koplinski said.

The city has been carrying out the state's fiscal recovery plan under the guidance of its receiver, General William Lynch, who agrees the incinerator debt is within reach.

“When you say debt, there's all kinds of things,” said Lynch. “There's post-retirement benefits and all things like that that will continue in the future. However, she is absolutely correct with respect to the incinerator.”

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