Denied money, robber steals mints

A robber demanded money but made off only with mints after he jumped the counter of a Cumberland County gas station.

Middlesex Township police said the man ordered an Express Way clerk to open the register Wednesday, but she told him she couldn't without a purchase.

At that point, police said he grabbed the pack of mints and tried to scan them at a lottery machine, which does not scan general merchandise.

He then demanded the clerk ring him up, but a customer entered the gas pumps and the clerk told him to get out, police said.

He jumped back over the counter and fled behind some businesses along Route 11.

Police said the man kept his hands in his pockets as if he had a gun, but never mentioned or showed a weapon.

He was described as a thin white male with an average build, about 5'11″ to 6'0″ tall, wearing jeans, sneakers, and a blue jacket with a darker hood pulled up. He also had glasses and was wearing a scarf wrapped around his face, police said.

Anyone with information may call Middlesex Township police at 717-249-7191.

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