Billboards turned into outdoor art exhibit

Drivers headed into and out of Chambersburg borough may have noticed something a little different on about eight billboards.

The billboards are being used to launch Project Elevate, an opportunity where Kegerreis Outdoor Advertising offers their billboards as a canvas to showcase a local artist and to create a positive narrative within the community.

This January, in partnership with the Council for the Arts in Chambersburg, a local artist from Shippensburg is being featured.

His work depicts a theme of empowerment.  The billboards show a young boy who is looking and hoping for something more.  The child is handed a red cape, with the cape being a symbol for empowerment.  The child wears the cape and shows a sense of that empowerment.  Each billboard depicts a different piece of the narrative.

Jennifer Niedererr, Marketing Director at Kegerreis and member of the Council for the Arts in Chambersburg, said the display not only gives the public an opportunity to appreciate local art, but is a positive way to start 2013.

“It comes at the perfect time of year when everybody is trying to do their best and do more for the community, so we wanted to start off the year with a positive way of showcasing local artists,” she said.

Learn more about Project Elevate at and at the Council for the Arts building in Chambersburg.

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