Two Midstate cities make nation’s top 100 most dangerous list

The strawberry dropped in Harrisburg, and the white rose dropped in York to usher in the new year. But with a new year comes a new list of the country's top 100 most dangerous cities. Harrisburg and York made the list.

According to the website “Neighborhood Scout,” York is the nation's 18th most dangerous city.

The site seems to have a comprehensive amount of data to back the claim up. With everything from crime statistics and calculations to a breakdown of the city's most dangerous neighborhood.

Neighborhood Scout said it bases the ranking on the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents.

Harrisburg also made the list at number 30. That is actually an improvement. Last year the Capital City was ranked the 20th most dangerous.

There are three other Pennsylvania cities on the list. They are: Chester (19), Philadelphia (50), and Norristown (68), respectively.

Topping the list at number one, East St. Louis, Illinois.

Check out the list yourself:


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