Turnpike lowers speed limit to 45 mph from Ohio to Lancaster, Berks

The PA Turnpike has lowered the speed limit from the Ohio line to Lancaster/Berks counties.

A 45 mph speed limit on the Pennsylvania Turnpike has been expanded to include the stretch of highway from the Blue Mountain Interchange (Exit 201) eastward to the Morgantown Interchange (Exit 298). This morning, the Turnpike had lowered the speed limit to 45 mph from the Ohio border to the Blue Mountain Interchange due to snowfall.

The 45 mph speed limit restriction is now in place on nearly 300 miles of the PA Turnpike, from milepost 0 to milepost 298.

No truck or trailer restrictions have been implemented on the PA Turnpike at this time.

Tow plows (large plows pulled behind a truck) and plow trains (several plow trucks in a row) continue to operate across the Turnpike. Motorists should say far back from these vehicles. Do not attempt to pass a snow plow as conditions in front are likely unfavorable.

You can tune in to the Highway Advisory Radio station 1640AM for any changes or further restrictions.

And as always, please use caution when traveling in inclement weather. If you must be on the highway, you can call or the Turnpike travel advisory hotline, 1-866-976-8747, to check conditions before you leave.

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