Midstaters react to third snow event of the week

When many people hear snow in South Central PA, brain freeze sets in as they try to comprehend what that means for travel.

“We revised our travel schedule due to the snow,” said Greg Holtzman of Harrisburg. “We went to go visit her family, in-laws. It was definitely slick, I noticed.”

PennDOT trucks took to the highways to clear the roads. While some drivers fought the slick streets, kids had a fight of their own: a snowball fight.

“It's a fun day for the kids to get out, get some exercise, get out of the house from being inside all week,” Beth Caldwell of Susquehanna Township.

That was the case across the Midstate. The pure joy of playing in the pure white snow, written all over their faces.  Kids went sledding and built snowmen.

We found one big kid having a blast with a unique clean-up method.

“They're out of town, there's an older neighbor here.  Just trying to help out a little.  Something I can do,” said Holtzman.  “It was actually out of laziness.  I always got tired of getting my hand wet trying to scrape off the truck.  So one day I said, hey, I have all these leaf blowers, why don't I give it a shot?”

Now it is a neighborhood snow day tradition.

“I guess it's the holiday spirit. All the neighbors come outside,” said Holtzman. “They hear the roar of the engines so everyone's peeking out their windows to see what's going on.  Everyone joins in.”

It is not just Midstaters who were having fun, but their dogs too.

“Snow's a fun time to be able to get out and walk the dogs, get some energy out, burn some calories. So we're having a good time,” said Jennifer Zajac of Susquehanna Township.  “All they need is a sled, and they'd pull us around the neighborhood. They're very happy.”

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