Last-minute shoppers pack Midstate malls

With just two days until Christmas, Midstate malls are sure to be packed with last-minute shoppers.

ABC27 News went to the Capital City Mall in Camp Hill where, amid the hustle and bustle, shoppers stopped to talk.

“Just really chaos,” said Jamie Rhoads of Mechanicsburg. “They're fighting for the same thing. It's just fun.”

“It's now part of the game,” said Greg Vasquez of Dillsburg. “It's just part of the holidays for me it's waiting for the last-minute.”

“I think it's pretty funny because people act like idiots,” said Regina Halvorson of Mount Holly Springs.

Each shopper has their reason for waiting.

“I never stopped. I always say I'm done, but I don't,” said Halvorson.

“I usually wait till the last minute because that's when the best sales are,” said Rhoads.

“Not knowing what to get and last-minute and so I got a couple nice things for my wife,” said Vasquez. “She's the only one I really have to shop for. So, I'm doing okay.”

Among the sale signs and Christmas lights, recent violence threatened to dim the Christmas spirit. The Sandy Hook school shooting, in particular, weighed on the hearts of shoppers. But as children laughed and people passed, shoppers said the spirit of giving and thanksgiving was stronger.

“That's always been in our family to do, but we dig deeper for those who aren't as fortunate,” said Vasquez.

“I have two children and my heart just goes out to the families. I couldn't even think of having Christmas if I had lost some of my family,” said Rhoads. “I'm thankful every day that I have my family and we're as close as we are.”

For true last-minute shoppers, the Capital City Mall will be open Sunday, December 23 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Monday, December 24 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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