Healthy Holiday Fondues

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Delectable bites and calorie-laden treats abound this time of year. Use these fondue recipes to treat yourself without overindulging.


Mediterranean Tomato-Arugula Fondue

Stir things up on New Year's Eve with this savory favorite.

Serve with:

- Bite size pieces of Feta, Colby and baby mozzarella balls

- Breadsticks

- Bite-size pieces of crusty bread

- Bell peppers


Cheddar Fondue

You'll never miss the fat in this flavorful fondue.

Serve with:

- Potatoes (baby potatoes, roasted or boiled

- Crusty cubes of French or Italian bread

- Broccoli or cauliflower florets

- Peppers

- Lean meatballs


Berry-Mint Fondue

End your meal with the refreshing taste of berries and mint.

Serve with:

- Bite-size pieces of domestic Brie, Edam, Havarti and Port du Salut

- Ladyfingers and

- Ginger cookies


Chocolate Wisconsin Mascarpone Fondue

Rich and creamy mascarpone cheese couples with the bite of bourbon to make this fondue a sensual delight for the tongue.

Serve with:

- Strawberries

- Apples

- Bananas

- Vanilla wafers

- Graham crackers and

- Marshmallows

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