York police investigating arrest of student

The York City Police Department said it is conducting an internal
investigation into an incident where a city teen was injured while resisting arrest.

Police said the girl and two boys were suspended from the York City Alternative School at 329 Lindbergh Avenue and were asked to leave the grounds Monday afternoon but refused to do so.

Officers removed the two young men from the property without resistance, but said the female student refused to leave and became combative, then kicked and attempting to bite the two officers who were attempting to take her into custody.

During the altercation, the
girl received a wound above her one eye. Once in custody, police said she was
transported to York Hospital for treatment before being charged with various criminal offenses.

Once the investigation is complete, the police department will determine whether or not the amount of force
used by the officers was appropriate.

The department said it will not comment or
speculate on what did or did not occur until it has all the facts.

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