Lemoyne lends Mechanicsburg holiday decorations

The spirit of giving and sharing is alive and well in two Cumberland county communities. That's because Lemoyne and Mechanicsburg are sharing holiday decorations.

Both boroughs have the same decorative wreaths hung above busy streets. There are about 25 in each municipality, thanks to Lemoyne Borough leaders.

This all started because Lemoyne leaders wanted to cut costs by not hanging the wreaths this year. Borough Council made the call last month. Then, Mechanicsburg officials reached out after realizing some of their decorations were damaged. They asked to borrow Lemoyne's.

Lemoyne said yes, but then started to hear from upset residents who wanted to see the wreaths in their community as well. The final decision came to give Mechanicsburg half of the decorations and put up the other half for Lemoyne residents to enjoy.

“It's a great win-win and I think this is a true holiday story of sharing, which is exactly what the holidays are about,” said Stacy Gromlich, Lemoyne Borough Council president.

Lemoyne is still hoping to save at least $1,500 on the wreaths this year by using only half of them and taking them down earlier.

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