Bells, aprons stolen from Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Harrisburg is asking the public to help them catch a criminal that is using their good name to steal money.

After about a dozen aprons and bells were stolen from their headquarters on Green and Cumberland Streets in Harrisburg, the charity said it received a call Thursday from a concerned citizen who reported that something did not seem right about a young man collecting money in the 200 block of Market Street while wearing a Salvation Army apron and ringing a bell.

The Salvation Army called police, but the young man was not caught.

The Red Kettle Campaign is a big part of the Salvations Army's fund drive to raise the $2 million they need every year to keep their programs running.

“It is really a kick in the stomach,” said Kathy Anderson-Martin of The Salvation Army Harrisburg. “We have 3,000 children on our Christmas assistance list and literally have hundreds of volunteers and community members who will donate gifts and help us package boxes for those kids. So, when you hear something like this happens, it takes our time away from other things we could be doing.”

The Salvation Army said their volunteers will always be next to kettle stands, and their kettles will always have a lock.

“We just ask the community to find the people who are besmirching the name of The Salvation Army, but also not let it deter them from contributing to The Salvation Army,” Anderson-Martin said.

Harrisburg police are investigating. It was unknown whether the young man collected any money.

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