‘New Oxford Angels’ honored one year after deadly crash

On December 5, 2011, life as many knew it changed forever in the New Oxford community.  That afternoon, a horrible car accident along Route 94 took the lives of five teenagers on their way home from school.

“When it happened, it happened all of the sudden and nobody was expecting it,” said Edgar Lua, who was related to three of the five victims.

Tuesday afternoon, Lua and many others gathered at the accident scene near Route 94 Motors.

Oscar Banda, Diego Aguilar, Anthony Campos, Chelsea McFalls, and Casey Sheridan, all New Oxford High School students, were the victims of the crash. Now, they are remembered fondly by loved ones as the “New Oxford Angels” or the “Five Angels.”

The crash scene, where all of the teens died, has become a place where their classmates stop to remember them. There are soccer cleats, favorite hats, teddy bears and flowers. There are also mementos of things that should have come, like graduation balloons.

There were candles and extra flowers at the memorial Tuesday as a steady flow of teammates and friends offered thoughts and prayers. Tuesday night, about 500 community members packed the Cross Keys Fellowship Church off Berlin Road for a memorial service.

Those who knew the “New Oxford Angels” prayed together, told stories, and looked at pictures. Following the service, they held glow sticks outside. It was perhaps a way of illuminating their love and sending a message to the five angels, who community members say are always flying high above them.

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