Manheim man convicted of selling crack cocaine

A Lancaster County man has been convicted on charges he was dealing crack cocaine, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

U.S. Attorney Peter Smith said Miguel Morris, 59, imported cocaine into the Manheim area from New York, Virginia and Texas. Smith said Morris would cook the cocaine into crack cocaine and sell it in the hallway outside of his apartment.

Morris was convicted on a charge of possession with the intent to distribute.

The case was heard by U.S. District Court Judge William W. Caldwell, who convicted Morris on Tuesday. During the trial, witnesses testified that Morris bragged that he was “dealing to all of Manheim.”

Morris sold each gram of crack for $100 and imported at least $100,000 worth of cocaine into Manheim, Smith said.

One of Morris' suppliers, his brother Manuel Morris, was convicted in Lancaster County Court on the same charge in July 2012.

Miguel Morris is facing a minimum of 20 years in prison. He will be sentenced in January.

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