Friend remembers Harrisburg man found dead in garage

Friends are remembering Marcus Garner, a 37-year-old Harrisburg man who had been missing for two weeks when he was found dead Wednesday.

William Dunbar has been friends with Garner for 20 years. He works across the street from Garner's home on the 700 block of Girard Street. Like Garner's family, Dunbar hadn't seen Marcus since the day before Thanksgiving.

“I would look up to see if I see him come past outside, and I haven't seen him,” Dunbar said.

Garner's body was found in a garage in the 600 block of North 18th Street that was rundown, full of trash, and missing part of its roof. He had been killed by a gunshot to the head, according to Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick.

Investigators are still trying to determine whether Garner was killed in the garage or moved there after he was shot. They also need to figure out when he died.

“That's the issue that's one of the important issues,” Hetrick said, “and that's why I'm asking anybody that has seen him to contact the police.”

Dunbar just wishes he could see his friend again.

“It's funny because, when I come out here, I usually see him riding past, and I just look up the street and I don't see his car,” he said, “It hurts, it hurts.”

Hetrick said the death is Harrisburg's 10th homicide of the year.

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