Councilwoman: satirical video about Harrisburg went too far

A video shown as part of an awards night for the Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce Wednesday night has lead to a city councilwoman calling on the chamber president to resign.

The video was a satirical sketch about the city's debt problems. It featured someone dressed as Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson and someone dressed as her spokesman, Bob Philbin. That was followed by a parody of the song “We are the World.”

On Twitter Thursday morning, Harrisburg City councilwoman Sandra Reid criticized the video and chamber president David Black. She then echoed those comments to us in an interview Thursday night.

“When you're a regional chamber of commerce, one of the first things you should be trying to do is helping us build up our image,” said Reid. “don't tear us down.”

Reid called for Black to resign.

“You represent what the Harrisburg region is about and if the best that you have to offer is to mock the core city, you need to step down” she said.

Amma Johnson, vice president of chamber operations, said the object of the video was to make the awards ceremony light-hearted and fun.

“It is all in good fun. Nothing was intended to be offensive,” Johnson said.

abc27 reached out to Black, but he had no comment.

Philbin said Thompson is busy with the people's business, hasn't seen the video, and has no comment.

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