Vandals damage historic tombstones in Camp Hill

Police in Cumberland County are looking for the vandals who damaged graves that date back to the 1800s.

Someone toppled the tombstones of four graves in the Camp Hill Cemetery. They belonged to children who died a very long time ago and whose stories have an interesting place in history.

Camp Hill Police received the vandalism report last week. Someone did some serious damage to the graves in a section of the cemetery dedicated to be the final resting place for children who were orphaned during the Civil War. Their parents were soldiers who died in battle, so they were sent to the White Hall Soldiers' Orphan School in Camp Hill where they could learn skills to help them get through life.

Jinny Springen of the Camp Hill Historical Society says it's a fascinating part of history, and is upset about what happened.

“It saddens me very much that these really old monuments have not been able to be maintained,” she said, “but it's really sad when I see the damage, I do not comprehend vandalism.”

Police say they aren't sure when the vandalism happened, but they don't think it was recent. They also don't have any leads so far.

The Borough Manager says they will do their best to repair the damage, but it will be tough since the grave markers are so old.

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