Attendance low following threats at Carlisle High School

Only about 50 percent of students attended Carlisle High School on Thursday, Carlisle Area Schools District Superintendent John Friend.

On Tuesday, a bomb threat was made and, Wednesday evening, there were apparent shooting threats made on social media sites.

Friend said the district is working with the Carlisle Police Department but, so far, none of the threats are credible.

He reassured parents and students that the school has was deemed safe by investigating officers on Thursday.

Still, the rumors caused concern among the student body.  Thursday afternoon John McMullin, a senior at Carlisle High School, said he had heard the rumors, but went to school because he didn't believe them.

“I think people decided, we had this explosion at Wilson, and this bomb threat at the high school, and they are wondering what else could happen, maybe it's a shooting,” he said.

Classmate Chancellor Campbell said he trusts the judgement of the police and, if they say school is safe, he isn't worried.

“We have kind of had a wild week, so I think some kids are just trying to take advantage of that, trying to get a few extra days off,” he said.

School is scheduled as normal for Friday.  According to Friend, if there was any apparent danger, parents would be notified.


John Friend

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