All students released from hospital after Carlisle classroom fire

All eight students receiving treatments for burns following Wednesday's classroom fire at Wilson Middle School in Carlisle have been released from the hospital.

Eighth graders Justin Yuen and Andrew Slear were flown to Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, Md. yesterday. Slear was discharged Wednesday evening. Yuen was discharged Thursday.

Officials said a total of five students were burned in a science lab
fire at the school around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. Two students and one
teacher suffered from smoke inhalation.

Superintendent John Friend said attendance was good at the middle school on Thursday. Friend said his thoughts are with the injured students and counselors are available to talk with their classmates if students need.

Carlisle Fire and Rescue Chief John Heberlig is heading up the investigation and said his staff is still working to piece together how the fire got started in James Redington's eighth grade science class.

Heberlig said only rubbing alcohol was involved in the incident and a mixing of chemicals did not start the fire. 

said a “fire ball” occurred as students watched Redington perform an experiment. Redington put the fire out with an extinguisher.

Redington was later checked out
at Carlisle Regional Medical Center. He has been teaching at Wilson for
three years. Students injured by the fire received initial treatment
from nurses and paramedics before being taken to the hospital.

officials are calling the incident a fire; however, abc27 spoke to a
student who said he heard a popping noise followed by students running
out of the classroom. He said some students did not have shirts on
because they had been burned.

The Cumberland County Department of
Public Safety said the incident has “no relationship to the bomb
threats at the Carlisle High School on Tuesday.” 

Following the fire, the eighth grade wing was evacuated, officials said.

Friend said that while there does not appear to be severe damage to the classroom, it will be closed for a while.

Twenty-five students were in the eighth grade science class when the fire broke out.

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