Prudhomme’s settles discrimination complaint

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A Lancaster County restaurant has reached a settlement with an atheist who said a discount offered to people who brought in church bulletin discriminated against non-Christians.

This summer John Wolf, a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, said the discount offered at Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia rubbed him the wrong way. But co-owner Sharon Prudhomme said it was an innocent marketing deal.

The complaint Wolff filed with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission was settled this month, said spokeswoman Shannon Powers.

“It was a matter of making a simple change in the wording of the Sunday discount, so that the discount does not discriminate based on religious faith,” Powers said. “Using the words 'church bulletin' excludes those of religious faiths who do not attend church.”

Powers said Prudhomme's rejected this request before Wolff filed a complaint.

Prudhomme said the Sunday discount is still being offered, and is open to believers and non-believers, as long as they bring proof of the organization they belong to.

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