Local doctor develops migraine therapy

For many people like Amy Bowers, chronic migraines are a major interruption to life. The mother of three said when she gets a migraine headache, she is usually unable to care for her children or go to work.

“When I get them, I'm down for a few days,” she said. “I get nausea, I get blurred vision, tingling in my hands, and it's awful.”

Bowers said she tried pretty much every thing she could think of to try to get rid of the crippling headaches.

“I was on maintenance medication, I've taken prescription pills, I've taken over-the-counter pills, I've tried the Mountain Dew, the caffeine, the chocolate,” she said.

Nothing seemed to help until she tried a new treatment developed by Dr. David Sullivan of the Keystone Chiropractic Neurology practice in Mechanicsburg.

“My husband drove me in and I had a hood over my head, glasses over my face, could barely walk in,” she said. “Because of what Dr. Sullivan did for me, I was able to walk out the door and go home and resume as if it was a normal day.”

So what exactly is this treatment? Dr. Sullivan couldn't go into specific details because it is still in the development phase, but explained the therapy uses pressure to treat migraine headaches. He said it is not a cure, but can eliminate the headaches once a patient notices symptoms.

Sullivan said he came up with the therapy after a patient talked about her symptoms going away when she was near a certain machine at work.

“We decided to do some problem solving and what we ended up doing was trying a couple different types of therapies to see if we could reproduce that, and we found this and it actually worked,” Sullivan said.

If you are interested in learning more about the therapy or becoming part of the study, visit keystonechiropracticneurology.com.

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