Harrisburg criticized for response to cruelty complaints

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Members of the Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance say Harrisburg's animal control officer does not investigate animal cruelty complaints in a timely manner.

City residents who attended a weekly police briefing Wednesday morning said it took the city more than six months to respond to a complaint that dogs staying in a yard on Rudy Street were not getting food and water.

They said nothing was done until yesterday, when the media became involved.

Harrisburg Police Chief Pierre Ritter indicated during the briefing that he could not comment on the complaint because he did not have a copy of the incident with him, but said he would invite anyone to his office to discuss the issue and try to find a resolution.

Neighbors who live near Rudy Street said dog abuse is common in the area. One resident said she found a dead dog in a trash can, and she believes the animal was a victim of a dog fighting ring in the neighborhood.

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