Black Friday sales to arrive on Thanksgiving this year

Black Friday is actually starting on Thursday this year, with many big box stores opening as early as 8 p.m.

Retailers opening Thanksgiving night include Toys 'R Us, Kmart, Walmart, Sears and Target.

Best Buy opens at midnight, but managers expect lines to begin forming outside on Wednesday afternoon.

Big ticket items this year do not differ much from past years, and include tablets, laptops, cameras and TV's.

The iPad Mini is high demand right now, and it out of stock at many Best Buy locations. But local Best Buy manager Heather Kauffman said it's likely they will receive extra shipments in time for Black Friday.

“Other stores are going to be opening earlier so it's a little bit of a different game for us,” Kauffman said. “We're not sure if we're going to see the same rush or if we're going to see people coming out afterwards — after they've already been shopping to see what we have left.”

Best Buy, like many retailers, uses a ticket system to ensure customers and employees are not trampled. Tickets for individual items there will be issued at 11 p.m. Kauffman said if items are not purchased by 3 a.m., however, they will be put back up for sale — first come, first served.

Kauffman said if you miss out on Black Friday, there will be additional and exclusive online dedeals offered on Cyber Monday.

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