Midstate Singing Institution bows out with Song

It's a sound synonymous with faith and song in the Midstate. It's a choir that formed twenty five years ago for a planned one-time performance.

“The musical, El Shaddai, was just one of those musicals that everyone just fell in love with,” says Sue Schreiner, El Shaddai Singers Director.

The love for that musical left the 225 member choir wanting more. singers from more than 40 area churches knew they had something special.

Schreiner says “on the way home from our concert the people said we don't want to stop doing this. Our kids have sung in big choirs, but we never had a chance to do anything like this. So we want to keep singing and doing something like this.”

And keep singing, they did. With a mission that never wavered.

“To sing music that glorifies God, and allows him to reveal himself to people” says Schreiner.

Often accompanied by strings, wind and percussion, the choir performed at local concert halls and churches, along the Susquehanna river, at Carnegie Hall and in overseas venues that deeply moved both singers and the audience.

Schreiner says that as people were leaving our concerts, they would come up and say they felt something they never felt before.

Nick Cekovich has been with the group since its first song and recalls the appeal of their sound.

“The music just resonated with me so profoundly,” says Cekovich. ” And having met up with so many different people from so many different backgrounds was an opportunity to develop a bunch of new friendships which I never would have experienced otherwise.”

But, members recognize that all good things must come to an end. And, therefore are gearing up for a final celebration concert on November 17 at the Forum Building in Harrisburg. They are praying that a follow-up choir will soon continue their mission of song and praise.


Finals Concert of El Shaddai Singers

“El Shaddai, the Musical”

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Forum Building

Harrisburg, Pa.

Doors open : 7:00 PM

Concert: 7:30 PM

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