Homicide suspect was on bail at time of killing

Police say the man who led Sunday night's murder of a Hess gas station clerk was released from Cumberland County Prison on $125,000 unsecured bail only 11 days earlier.

Earlier this month, Shante Rice, 19,  was charged with a recent burglary spree in Carlisle in which two men were caught trying to sell stolen jewelry and a car was stolen.  On November 7, Rice was released from prison.

Before that incident, Rice was charged with several other crimes, including theft, harassment, corruption of minors, receiving stolen property and trespassing.

Still, legal experts say bail is relative to the crime someone has been charged with, and is not meant to be a punishment.

Jason Kutulakis, of Abom and Kutulakis law firm, explained the main purpose of bail is to secure an upcoming court appearance.

“Bail is a tool that's set by the Magisterial District Judges,” he said, “It's primary purpose is to compel the accused, the defendant, to appear at a hearing that is going to be scheduled in the future.”

According to court documents, nobody was present during the burglaries Rice was charged with in early November.  It is important to note that the judge may have considered that fact when determining bail.

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