Former Midstate Marine creates a patriotic road show

It's a chance for residents of Thornwald Home in Carlisle to show their love of country and the men and women who keep it free. It's a patriotic road show designed for those no longer able to attend Veterans Day and Memorial Day events. Former United States Marine Sergeant Rick Bower produced the 35 minute program for all age groups, but with an emphasis on an elderly audience.

“These are folks that can't get out,” said Bower. “Unless a program is brought to them, they are not going to be, or have something to celebrate, or something to honor them. And we want to make sure we don't forget them.”

As data processing manager for United Church of Christ homes, Bower is able to take his video and slide programs with him when traveling among the residences. The presentation we saw featured the history of Veterans Day, with a musical salute to the military branches of service. With fingers snapping and toes tapping, each in the audience had a reason for being there.

“My husband was in the service,” said resident Martha Wilson. ” And he retired. But he still worked for the National Guard and had to wear his uniform to work every day.”

Resident Ray Gross served in the United States Marine Corps from 1957 to 1961 and appreciates that the slide program features all of the military branches. ” I don't look at one better than the other,” said Gross. “They're all important. But, once a Marine, always a Marine,” he added with a chuckle.

“My grandson just got back from Afghanistan and he's been there twice,” said resident Lorraine Humer. ” And today we have to think about the young people and how they are serving.”

Bower has also presented his program at several area churches and schools.

To inquire about hosting this program you can reach Rick Hower at

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