Boscov’s to liquidate electronics, major appliances

Heavy competition has knocked out two big-ticket item departments at a
regional retail store. Boscov's will liquidate the electronics and
major appliances departments.

Despite being stocked solid with inventory, Boscov's will liquidate
all TVs, dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators. What had been a
one-stop-shop for home goods has loyal shopper Kimberly Neumyer bummed

“I think it's a shame,” said Neumyer. “I like Boscov's. They have great sales here, it's a good selection. It'll be missed.”

Keeping up with the times, vice president Jim Boscov explained the move is to adjust with shoppers' buying habits.

Life-long shopper Kay Waddell had her hands full of Boscov's bags.
Yet, Waddell admitted she doesn't shop at her favorite department store
for TVs anymore.

“That's where we shop; Best Buy, Sears, hhgregg.”

With surging online sales and big box stores tearing away even loyal
customers like Waddell, Boscov's hopes this holiday shopping season
their loss can become a gain.

Starting Sunday, sales could go as high as 30 percent off, according
to Boscov. He admitted the sales will get better between Black Friday
and Christmas.

That has some shoppers thinking twice.

“I think it might,” said Waddell. “Plus, I have some friends looking for a TV.”

Boscov's has 41 locations in five Mid-Atlantic states, including stores in York, Lebanon, Lancaster, Camp Hill, and Harrisburg.

Boscov explained the change would help improve the furniture
department. Recently, he said Boscov's bought Bombay & Co., a
specialty furniture and home goods store. Mr. Boscov said the department
store would be able to sell the same products for 40 percent less.

Albert Davis believes furniture is a “great move.”

“Furniture is one of biggest things selling with young people buying
homes, younger people growing up, married, finding a place to live,”
said Davis. “That's one of the things they have to have is furniture.”

Boscov's will still honor service contracts. Boscov added that the
most important part about the change there is no loss of jobs.

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