Pa. Dems call for investigation into possible voter fraud

Democrats overwhelmingly won Pennsylvania on Election Day, but many state Democratic lawmakers still want an investigation into possible voter fraud.

House Democrats on Wednesday pointed to a voting machine in Millerstown, Perry County that indicated a vote for Mitt Romney when the button for Barack Obama was pushed, and the confusing “Just Show It” ads the state ran even though photo identification was not required at the polls.

They're also puzzled why lots of provisional ballots were needed after registered voters names weren't in the poll books.

“There's no reason for a person that's been voting for 10-20 years, whose name has been in the binder all of those years, for all of a sudden it not to be in the book this election,” said Rep. Gary Williams, D-Philadelphia.

Of course, Republicans have also complained about voter fraud and they point to 57 divisions in Philadelphia that didn't register a single vote for Romney. The GOP says that defies logic, but Philly Democrats say it doesn't.

“It was 57 divisions in Philadelphia where there was not one vote for Mitt Romney, which makes perfect sense to me,” Rep. Babette Josephs joked. “Who would vote for Mitt Romney?”

Josephs sent a letter seeking an investigation into voting irregularities to both U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and state Attorney General Linda Kelly. House Democrats also called for incoming Democratic attorney general Kathleen Kane to conduct an investigation.

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