Donating to York County Food Bank now more convenient

The York County Food Bank needs donations, and a new project is making it easier for you to give.

The holiday season is the busiest time of year at the food bank. Between this month and next, the people there will give out more than 400,000 pounds of food. “We always see an increase in donations around Thanksgiving and Christmas,” said Jonathan Fisher, Executive Director of the York County Food Bank, “that increase usually and will this year again fall short of the need due to the way the economy is right now.”

That's why the food bank is teaming up with Royal Farms for the “Stick It To Hunger Drive.” The food bank needs non-perishable items, and you can take them to Royal Farms convenience store.

“The more convenient the drop off point is for those that are able to donate the better, and it does provide a much larger food drive for us,” said Fisher.

The need is truly there. More than 40% of the people in York County live below the poverty level. “Now you have the economy down, more people are unemployed. Those folks that could at one time donate to the York County Food Bank now find themselves in line to get food from the food bank,” said Fisher.

All of your donations will end up in a huge storage bin outside Royal Farms, which will eventually be taken to the food bank. The holiday drive continues now through the end of December.

abc27 is a sponsor of this program, along with Royal Farms and George W. Weaver and Son.

Ahead of Thanksgiving, the food bank also needs turkeys. It's holding a special collection for frozen birds this Saturday from 8 to 1 at its location on the 200 block of West Princess Street in York.

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