Chambersburg adopts new dress code for next school year

Chambersburg students will have to think a little harder when they pick out what to wear on the first day of school. Next year, a stricter dress code will be in place.

The Chambersburg School Board approved the new dress code Wednesday night, but not before hearing from some upset parents.

The public comment portion of the meeting turned into a show-and-tell when one mother brought outfits her daughter will not be allowed to wear.

“This was another outfit of my daughter's …. she wears this to church,” the mother said. “Perfectly acceptable, I think you would say.”

Some did speak in support of the new dress code, saying they were happy with the concept and some changes.

Before the meeting, an updated proposed policy was posted online. The plan is not as strict as the initial proposal. Under the new plan, crew neck T-shirts are allowed, as well as patterns like plaid. Both were prohibited in older versions of the dress code proposal.

During the meeting, the board make some changes. Those changes included allowing shirts with small logos for the 2013-2014 school year. After that, they will no longer be allowed.

Wearing a belt will be recommended, and the board also opted to make a current dress code committee larger with the intent of involving more parents.

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